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Launch Your Trucking Career with ONECDL Training: Get Your CDL and Hit the Road Today!

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We are approved Federally

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Be ready to become truck driver!

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Get a CDL in less than 1 Month


1. Apply on our website for easy enrollment or contact us for an appointment or more information.

2. To enroll in our program, you must meet the prerequisites. This normally involves possessing a valid driver's license, being at least 18 years old, passing a DOT physical test, having a Commercial Leaners Permit (CLP) and the Entry-Level Driver Training Theory Certification (ELDT).

3. In order to enroll in our program, you will be needed to submit an application form together with your driver's license, medical certificate, and any other relevant papers.

Travel to our location in Florida

for test

4. You will be placed in a class that provides both teaching and behind-the-wheel training. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process and provide you with the knowledge and skills essential to pass the CDL exams.


5. The school will arrange for your travel to Florida, which it will include booking a flight (Applies to Connecticut Facility only).

6. Upon arriving in Florida, you will be transported to the designated testing location and present the necessary documentation, such as your permit and any required identification (Applies to Connecticut Facility only).

Need more information?

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Class A CDL

Class B CDL  training classes teach you how to operate large commercial vehicles are automatic.

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Class B CDL

Class B CDL training classes teach you how to operate medium-sized commercial vehicles, such as dump trucks.

Ready to start truck driving classes?

Choose the CDL course that you need, follow the requirements, and start the journey for your new career with ONECDL Training.

ONECDL Training

Our CDL training classes are designed to provide an exceptional learning experience. Our courses are verified by the FMCSA and TPR, and are integrated to ensure a comprehensive education. Our classes offer excellent value compared to other courses, and were developed by a team of CDL students, instructors, and examiners. Enroll in our program for a top-quality education in the trucking industry.


Fast and Simple

English and Spanish Classes


Opportunity, adventure, empowerment


Welcome to One CDL Trucking School in Connecticut, where we provide top-notch training for aspiring truck drivers. Our program includes a range of classes for different experience levels and goals, using state-of-the-art equipment and simulators. Our experienced instructors also offer job placement assistance to help graduates start their careers. Contact us today to learn more and get started on your journey to a rewarding career in trucking.

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