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Class A CDL Training

Professional Class A CDL Training: The Basis of a Successful Trucking Career

Class A CDL training classes teach you how to safely operate Class A commercial vehicles, such as tractor-trailers, tanker vehicles, truck and trailer combinations, and flatbeds, on interstate routes. While a Class B CDL allows you to operate smaller commercial vehicles, it is important to take the appropriate CDL classes for a Class A CDL in order to prepare for driving these larger vehicles.

Class Overview


In a truck school classroom, students learn about the trucking industry and develop their driving skills through lectures and activities led by an instructor. The goal is to prepare them for a career as a professional truck driver.


In a truck school class outside, students practice driving, vehicle maintenance, and other skills to prepare for a career as a truck driver.


In a truck school class on the road, students practice driving under the supervision of an instructor to prepare for a career as a truck driver.


Medical Card (Physical exam with doctor)

A CDL medical card is proof that a commercial driver has passed a physical examination and is fit to operate a commercial vehicle. It is required for anyone with a CDL in the US.

Entry-Level Driver Theory Training (ELDT) Certificate

An entry-level driver theory certificate shows that an individual has completed basic training for operating a commercial vehicle. It is often a requirement for obtaining a CDL and starting a career as a truck driver.

Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP)

A commercial learner's permit (CLP) allows individuals to practice driving a commercial vehicle with supervision. It is a step towards getting a CDL and is typically valid for a limited time

Class A CLP Test:

  • General Knowledge

  • Air Brakes

  • Vehicle Combination

How Long is CDL Training?

On average, it takes about two-three weeks to graduate from a CDL training school like OneCDL Training. This training includes hands-on experience driving a truck and classroom training.

For someone with zero experience, you will need to complete an ELDT compliant Truck Driving School like OneCDL Training.

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